There are several situations that may lead a student to the decision to purchase a paper online. Lack of time, lack of resources, boring topic, and unimpressive writing skills are the most common ones. Essay writing companies offer a convenient solution for students who struggle with academic writing. The competition in this industry is huge, so certain benefits result from the great number of companies that are trying to attract attention.

First of all, these services offer papers written by professional writers. Sometimes these writers have a higher degree than the student’s professor, so it’s clear why most people end up being impressed by the results. Due to the competitive market, the prices are getting lower by the day and students can use different discounts to reduce the final payment. When the student chooses a reliable company, he receives an absolutely unique paper that goes clean through all plagiarism detection engines.

All these benefits may lead you to the decision that purchasing an essay online is the best solution you have. Is that really the case? Let’s see what disadvantages this industry brings:

  • You waste an opportunity to improve your writing skills. No matter how you feel about these assignments, they are necessary for the development of your style. Every profession requires writing reports, presentations, email messages, articles, and other types of content that will form people’s impressions of you.

  • Academic writing helps you develop analytical, critical, and creative thinking skills. If you ignore the importance of these tasks and you order every single paper online, you won’t develop these crucial skills that can determine your career path.

  • Ordering papers online is considered cheating. It doesn’t matter whether or not your teachers find out about it; you are being dishonest by presenting yourself as the author of content you did not write.

  • If you already submitted some papers you wrote, the teacher might notice the difference in the content written by an expert. He might not be able to prove it, but he may ask you to “defend” your paper with oral argumentation.

Do Students Always Get High-Quality Content from Writing Services?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. There are hundreds of custom-writing services on the Internet, and all of them claim to be the best ones. The prices are competitive, and the promises featured at the websites are tempting. There are some things you should know about this industry before you decide to order papers online:

  • Some companies stay true to their guarantees. They deliver unique papers by the deadline, and they will provide free revisions if you don’t like the content you get.

  • Other companies, on the other hand, will either miss a deadline, ignore you when you try to get in touch with the customer service, ignore your guidelines, or deliver a completely irrelevant piece of content. Most of these dishonest agencies avoid revising the papers upon your request, and they almost never make refunds.

  • In the worst-case scenario, the website will disappear from the face of the Internet few days after you submit the instructions and pay for the order.

  • Not all writers in this industry are brilliant. You can’t really check the expertise and educational background of the ghostwriters at most websites, so you’re never sure if you’re making a smart investment.

  • The cheapest services are usually the most deceiving ones. Think about it: will you be writing complex papers for $5 per page when you get your MA or PhD? Of course you would charge higher. According to an article published by Salon, an experienced writer charges $100 – $150 for a single paper.

The problem with this industry is that you can never be sure the guarantees are real. Scamming services write detailed terms and conditions that no one reads. In those sections, they explain that your right for free revisions and refunds is not unlimited, and they can always find an excuse not to answer to your complaints.

Using Custom-Writing Services for Citations

Some students decide to pay professional writers to provide them with sources and references for their own works. They know how to write the papers, but they are struggling with the formatting, quoting, and referencing aspects. If you decide to use the custom-writing industry for such purposes, you’ll stay safe because you’ll reference other people’s work and you’ll still be the author of your paper. You will only be getting fair, reliable assistance. But, how does this work?

  1. You pay a professional writer to construct a paper on the topic you have in mind. You ask him to use as many resources as possible, and provide a detailed list of references. Needless to say, you need to deal with a reputable online service and pay for the highest level of quality. You demand a unique paper!

  1. The writer crafts your paper, and you get a great foundation for your own essay. You write the content, but you use the purchased paper to get ideas and more resources. Then, you cite it in your own paper. You see? You stay clean, you’re still the author, and you learn something more about the topic you’re dealing with. Bingo!

There are no university policies that prevent you from using the work of other authors as long as you reference it in accordance with the citation standards. Even if you cite a purchased paper, it will be taken as a good resource if the author is respectful and the actual content of the essay is truly yours. Now, if you can find reliable resources in the library or in online databases, purchasing a paper that would serve as a reference is not such a good idea after all. However, if you’re really struggling with the research part, this may be the only solution you have.

How Do Colleges Deal With The Online Writing Industry?

The truth is – they can’t really do something about it. The custom-writing companies are completely legal and they have the right to offer their services on the free market. However, colleges and universities do have strict policies about academic dishonesty. If a professor suspects a student has purchased a paper online, he has every right to ask him for an unexpected oral presentation or another paper written during class.

Students place themselves under extreme risk when they purchase papers online. Some colleges have only one solution in this case: expulsion on the basis of academic dishonesty.

Here is the weirdest oxymoron that exists: if college professors are strictly against the academic writing industry, then why so many of them choose to offer their services as ghost writers on the same market? David A. Tomar exposed the frauds in American colleges when he revealed his insights about the custom-writing industry in 2010. Throughout his career, he wrote all types of papers, covering everything from introductory college courses to doctoral dissertations. The demand was constantly high. The reality is clear: college professors appreciate the great income they can get as ghostwriters, so they support the industry at the same time.

How to Get Custom-Writing Assistance without Violating College Rules

There are dozens of online resources you can use for free. They will help you get ideas, formulate the outline of your paper, and edit it to the most decent version you can construct. You’ll only be left with the part of writing, but guess what: you’re a student and writing assignments is what you’re expected to do. Here are some ideas that will help you get help for free when you’re writing papers:

  • Use Quora. The intellectual potential on this platform is out of this world. You ask a question, and real experts will answer it. It doesn’t matter what topic you’re struggling with; just ask for some information and you’ll probably get it with the speed of light.

  • Social media is another great source of help. Discover a group devoted to essay writing, and you can communicate with its members. They will help you find the right resources, and they will answer your questions whenever you face dilemmas related to grammar, style, format, and structure.

  • Forums are also very useful. Reddit may seem like the darkest place of the Internet, but it’s actually a very useful source of information.

  • There are plenty of online libraries you can use for free. It’s not that hard to discover academic, scientific, and statistical resources when you look in the right places.

Even if you decide to pay a professional writer to take care of your paper, you must make sure to choose a reputable online service that does not scam its customers. The best recommendation is to use this content as a resource for your own essay. In such case, you clearly need to reference it.

It’s your choice after all. There are several high-quality online writing agencies that enable you to communicate with their writers, ask questions, provide more instructions, and learn from the entire process. When you put it that way, ordering a paper online may turn out to be useful for your own writing skills. However, you must consider all possible risks before you make the final step of placing the order.

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